Our Clients

Who we work with

All our clients have some key elements in common – they are a 'good fit' for our firm and methodologies and we are the right financial partner for them.

With a client base of around 100, we find they come from a range of backgrounds and circumstances, but typically we work best with:

  • Owner-managers of SME businesses with a turnover of around £500k to £5m
  • Senior business executives
  • Partners in professional firms
  • High net worth individuals
Suitability as a client is determined by a number of factors:

Fundamentally there must be a willingness to fully engage in our in-depth, interactive exploratory planning process. This is a critical element in ensuring we fully understand lifestyle goals, desires and aspirations and can build an effective plan from it.

Additionally, we need to be certain that we can provide value and they have the capacity to pay our fees. If we feel we cannot add sufficient value to our clients to justify their fees we would decline to proceed.