Change The Future™

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At Smart Financial, we take a unique approach to business exit planning by aligning your personal ambitions with your business goals. How you change your business to deliver that objective is not only one of the most important decisions you’ll make, but also a crucial part of any financial plan.

We understand that, for most business owners, your business is likely to be your most valuable asset. We also understand this is something you’re likely to do just once in your lifetime, making it all the more important you get the price or structure that you need, to live the rest of your life as you wish.

What We Do

We use a three step process to get your business ready for sale:

  • Develop Your Change The Future™ Roadmap

We want to fully understand your motivations, both personal and business. We will explore more about the business, how it operates and analyse the current sellability value to develop a bespoke roadmap.

  • Build Value

Getting the price you need is crucial. We will make a current valuation of the business and help you work to make any changes needed to increase value.

  • Make the Change

We work with a number of corporate finance, business sales and legal experts to make the exit or transition as smooth as possible for you.