What Does Business Freedom Mean?

Think back to when you first started your business. It’s likely you were constantly working, putting all of your time, energy and money into making it a success. Did you say to yourself then, “When I’m making a nice profit and have hired some staff to manage things for me, then I’ll take a break”?

Today, has it turned out that the more successful you’ve become, the more involved you’ve been? Do you feel you have no business freedom – no time for yourself, even for a short holiday?

This is common to many business owners like you, but there are ways you can gain some freedom from your business.

What’s Your Definition of Business Freedom? 

Whether you want to plan for retirement or simply want to be able to take a nice holiday now and then, you can ponder and plan for business freedom now with a structured course of action that will give you the tools you need to build the future you want.

Have you set up business operations so that no one but you makes all decisions? Do you fail to delegate – or realise that you can’t because there’s no one else who could assume responsibility?

Are you stuck, not even able to take a short holiday without risking a business slowdown?

Or perhaps worse, you may feel that your business’ growth is at a standstill because you spend all of your time managing day-to-day operations instead of stepping back, taking a look at the big picture, strategising and investing for the future.

These are common concerns for many who are used to being in charge, leading others and setting the tone and path for the company.

However, your business’ value and success can’t be maintained for the long term unless you put a plan in place whereby your business can run without you so that you can step away completely in a structured, controlled fashion.

Why It’s Necessary to Take a Step Back 

  • To take a break

Everyone needs a holiday now and then. You’ll actually be more effective, not less, as a business owner if you take regular breaks. You will come back rested, rejuvenated, and refreshed, ready to see things in a whole new light.

  • To do a “test run” and see what changes you’ll need to make if your business is to function without you

Taking short holidays occasionally to see how your business runs without you will quickly show you what needs to be fixed so that operations run smoothly even in your absence; small problems that might occur while you are away won’t become big ones because you’ll be back quickly enough to rectify them.

In addition, you’ll be able to see what you need to do to delegate tasks and train employees so as to avoid similar problems the next time you step away.

  • To plan your eventual exit

At some point, you’ll likely be exiting your business, to sell it and enjoy newfound free time, and/or to move onto another pursuit.You must establish business freedom now if you want your business to attract buyers and sell for a fair price when the time comes. No buyer will want your business if it can’t run without you.

If you’re looking for support and some more practical ideas to gain business freedom, sign up for our Freedom From Your Business Club.

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